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Its Winter In Bitcoin: How Brokers Can Convert Crypto Traders


The meta-market is a competitive space, and it can be difficult for new players to break into this lucrative market. There are many tools that traders use when they want more information on cryptocurrencies like CoinMarketCap or BitcoinAverage. As you may have figured, the rather tired MetaTrader 4 may not be enough.

The world of online trading is different for a newer generation. They don’t use desktop computers in their bedrooms anymore, and when they go on-line it’s often from an app or via social media accounts like TikTok and Twitter where memes are at the forefront with simple mobile apps that gamify investing by following trends seen there as well so you’re always up to date without having much work involved.


CFD Offering: Volatility for Volatility

Cryptocurrency markets are unpredictable and have experienced wild fluctuations in value. However, that volatility is exciting for investors because it means they can capitalize on short-term profits with high ROI potentials!

In the last three months alone (November 2020 -May 2021), Bitcoin grew by an average 30% per month while falling 35%.

One such instance was during May when prices dropped significantly before quickly recovering back up again; this occurrence led many traders into buying more BTC as well at lower costs then what others may otherwise be seeking out just so their portfolio wouldn’t appear underprepared after seeing its worth decrease over time.

However, the short ‘holiday’ ended in June, and volatility kicked in for Bitcoin. But, while bitcoin was volatile in June, many other digital assets which were less risky turned out to be the safer investment as they closed last month of Q2 with declines under 6%. This means that people can still make money off cryptocurrencies if they time their investments right.

It’s worth noting though how quickly things change because one week ago BTC/USD hit $5k again before dropping back down below 30K today!

Director of Trading Department and Management Board of XTB member, Filip Kaczmarzyk, said, “Cryptocurrency investors are divided into two groups. Let’s call the first one ‘crypto buyers’ and the second ‘volatility seekers’.”

He adds, “They might have been trading cryptos during turbulent times, or cryptos might have even been their first traded instrument, but now they have switched to the markets where the action is, such as bullion or indices. At XTB, we feel it is of utmost importance to allow clients to swiftly move between all asset classes in seconds to exploit all possible chances for profit.”

Bitcoin has proven to be a much more stable investment than many other asset classes during this period, such as the shares of US stock giants like Amazon which rose by 6%. However gold lost over 7% while oil shot up 9%.


Leverage & Indirect Exposure to Cryptocurrencies – Powerful Weapon

As the market becomes more volatile, some investors might wonder if they should leave their cryptocurrency exchanges for a CFD broker. This is an important decision as it could influence what kind of asset you choose when investing in stocks or bonds with higher returns than cryptocurrencies provide nowadays!

The market for digital assets is becoming more and more mainstream. In turn, this creates an opportunity to invest in companies that are either directly linked or have indirect ties with these new currencies on Wall Street.

If you are looking for an example of how a CEO has invested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, look no further than Michael Saylor. He is MicroStrategy’s chief executive officer (CEO). As it happens the company he leads has adopted an omniding strategy by investing billions into buying BTC over recent years—a move which at times can be more volatile than Bitcoin itself!

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