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Fire in Upbit’s Offices as Man Tries To Set Himself Up in Flames



South Koreans have been making headlines all week long for everything they do wrong or crazy–it’s hard out there! The latest story comes after a guy was on his way to light himself up before Upbit’s customer service center in South Korea. According to SBS and iNews24, the individual was taken into custody for attempted arson. 

Upbit’s staff members and users were quick to react when the man who appeared to be pouring what seemed like harmless chemicals started igniting them in his hand. They called the police, causing an evacuation of everyone from below ground level for their own safety while they dealt with this weird situation up top! Witnesses said that the man held a lighter over his head and threatened to set himself on fire.

Still, there are multiple versions of what exactly happened. Some reports claim that the man, allegedly a 40-years old South Korean ready for martyrdom attempted to throw flammable liquid over himself. The police finally arrived at the scene and apprehended him. They were not able to determine what was going through his mind, but he still did something that warranted immediate apprehension from law enforcement officers.

Commenting on the same, a police officer said to iNews24, “We found out that some of the flammable substances that were sprayed on the floor at the scene were splashed on the body, but not directly. We plan to investigate the detailed motive and identity.”

japan crypto terrorist


‘Terrorist Crypto Scam’ – Japan

The crypto craze has taken the world by storm. Last year, there was a bizarre incident in Japan where criminals asked for ransom after making bomb threats and demanded it be paid with bitcoins instead of fiat currency like dollars or yen – this is just one example of related crimes, perhaps just the tip of the iceberg. 

The terrorists claimed they planted a bomb in the women’s bathroom on Tuesday morning. The officials promised that the bomb would not go off as long as their payment demands were met before 03:00 UTC on June 29. But, turns out the bomb threat was a fake, and thus some sort of “terrorist crypto scam”.

It turned out that the people working inside the building were not aware of any suspicious activities taking place within their own workspace. They reported seeing no strangers moving around, which indicates how much effort should be put in order to avoid being caught off guard even when it could cost you your job!

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