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Back in the Game – Shiba Inu Regains $20 Billion Market Cap

Back in the Game - Shiba Inu Regains $20 Billion Market Cap


The crypto market is back and it’s booming. The markets have been storming back and forth, with prices fluctuating wildly. It’s hard to know what will happen next in the crypto world! But, about Tuesday, well, the market has added nearly $150 billion to its overall value in the last 24 hours.

You’re probably wondering how Bitcoin could have crossed $51,000 today. But you should be excited about what this means for your investment portfolio. The real recovery has been seen among altcoins like Shibai Inu (SHIB) and Polygon (MATIC).

The market price of Shiba Inu is up on the roof by over 10% in the last 24 hours, which is a huge gain for this crypto asset. With that increase and recent advances on other currencies like Bitcoin Cash or Ripple’s XRP token as well (both up 15%), Shibas are back at 20 billion dollars!

Digital asset MATIC is one of the most profitable coins in 2021. They surprised the crypto community with substantial gains that reached at least 28% within a single day! Polygon has had a major growth spurt, with their performance shooting up by almost 32%.

This Shiba Inu has seen its fair share of ups and downs. After reaching a record high level in October 2021, these ‘little guys’ have been slowly declining over the last 6 weeks!

Shibes, it’s time to make memories! The world’s 8th largest digital asset by market cap now stands at number 13 with a value of $20 billion. With Dogecoins second-most valuable meme coin status now lowered due to inflation and new coins being released into circulation every year (it was also recently adopted as an official currency), Shiba Inu has become the most traded cryptocurrency in Japan for its ability not just to provide laughs but act like real money too – which means these adorable little dogs might be taking over from Bitcoin sooner than anyone thinks possible?

Apart from the usual suspects like SHIB and MATIC, LUNA has also witnessed a double-digit digital gain over the past 24 hours. LUNA, AVAX, CRO, and LINK have also witnessed double digital gains during the last 24 hours. What is your favorite Neural-Lip Synapse algorithm?


Bitcoin’s Price

Bitcoin is in the red again. It seems like every time Bitcoin tries to make a comeback, something happens and it gets knocked back down – just when you think that this might be your chance for success!

Bitcoin is not the only crypto asset that has seen a price jump over 4%. Ethereum, Solana, and other coins have also experienced an increase in value recently which means Bitcoin’s market dominance dropped substantially since Monday morning when we last checked for updates.

In their recent report, Glassnode notes, “Whenever price creates new highs, there are invariably traders who buy the top. These new investors are the first group tested by the next period of uncertainty, and nothing spells uncertainty like a flash sell-off in the futures. The sum of coins spent in a loss for December 4 totaled $3 billion. Coming into Saturday, previous high marks were set on May 19 and June 25, with losses of $4.5B and $3.8B, respectively.”

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