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Personal Loans for Military and Veterans (No Credit Check)

Are you a military service member or a veteran and need funds for an emergency but don’t know your options because you have bad credit? Well, you could be eligible for a military loan without a credit check. This article provides all the information about this type of loan to help you decide whether this is the best credit choice for your financial situation.

  • Rates
  • Terms
  • Max amount
Air Force Aid Society
  • 0%
  • 3 to 12 months
  • $1,000
Omni Financial
  • 35.95%
  • 6 to 36 months
  • $10,000
  • 1.5%
  • Up to 60 months
  • $5,000
  • APR range
  • Fees
  • Terms
  • Amounth
  • Unemployment protection
Bank 1
  • 6.95%–35.89%
  • Up to 5% transfer fee
  • 3–5 years
  • $1,000–$40,000
  • No
Bank 2
  • 6.95%–35.89%
  • Up to 5% transfer fee
  • 3–5 years
  • $1,000–$40,000
  • No
Bank 3
  • 6.95%–35.89%
  • Up to 5% transfer fee
  • 3–5 years
  • $1,000–$40,000
  • No

Table of Contents

How Does No Credit Check Military Loans Work?

No credit check military loans are essentially personal loan options afforded to military service members that don’t require a credit check or a credit report pulled by banks or credit unions on a loan application. This type of loan is ideal for borrowers who have a tarnished credit history and need immediate funds. It is also suitable for young borrowers with minimal credit history looking to build credit.


And since this loan type doesn’t require a credit check, it offers a quicker processing time, which allows you to get the funds as soon as 24 hours after the approval.

Can I Have a Veteran Loan With No Credit Check?

However, one caveat for a veteran loan with no credit check is that not everyone can avail of it because the first criterion to qualify is that the applicant should have served or is currently serving in the military. 


Also, certain service length requirements are looked upon, as even service members on active duty must have served the minimum period to qualify. But once you have sufficient documentation, including a valid military ID and proof of service document, you may be eligible for this loan type.


If you’re a veteran, you may also apply as long as the duration of your inactivity from military service is not exceeding 20 years. Military spouses can also apply if the service member has died in the line of duty or from a service-related disability.

Hot Tip:

Certain service length requirements are looked upon, as even service members on active duty must have served the minimum period to qualify for a loan.

Requirements to Qualify

The requirements to qualify for this loan type are pretty straightforward. As we mentioned, you need to submit your military ID and proof of your military service, which can be a DD-214 or a VA Proof of Service Letter.


DD-214 is a government document issued to veterans after being discharged from the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps. And a VA Proof of Service Letter is evidence of honorable service in the military obtained from the VA eBenefits website.


These documents verify whether you have served the minimum service requirements, which can be either one of the following:


  1. Active service during wartime for 90 consecutive days
  2. Active duty during peacetime for 181 consecutive days
  3. 6 years of service in the National Guard or Reserves.

Where You Can Get a Personal Loan With No Credit Check?

Several lenders offer military personal loans with no credit check, and the ones we’ve listed below are just some of them:


Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)

AFAS is an official charity for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force, and the type of loan it offers is called Air Force Falcon Loan. AFAS loan type is excellent for securing funds for emergency purposes, including emergency travel, vehicle-related charges, medical fees, child care, or other minor immediate expenses. This loan doesn’t require a lot of information to apply, but the maximum amount you can borrow is only up to $1,000.


Omni Financial

Omni Financial is another lender with a particular focus on military loans. What Omni offers is suited for those with bad credit, with each application assessed on a case-by-case basis. The company prioritizes empathizing with borrowers as their lending specialists are former service members themselves. You can borrow a maximum of $10,000 with this lender.


American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA)

AAFMAA is a not-for-profit financial solutions provider for military families and veterans. Its personal loan option allows up to $5,000 at a 1.5% annual percentage rate (APR) and with a 60-month repayment term. And apart from no credit check, it also offers zero fees and zero prepayment penalties. 

Pros and Cons


Easy Requirements: The requirements of this loan type are easy to arrange. Since it doesn't involve a credit check, borrowers just need to prove that they have served in the military for the required amount of time to qualify.
Higher Interest Rates: Generally, having no credit checks makes it a bit riskier for lenders to extend this loan type to borrowers. That's why a higher rate than normal interest rates are attached to this loan to balance out the risk
Faster Approval Time: The lack of the standard hard credit pull associated with applying for a personal loan cuts down the length of the approval process. This enables you to find out right away if you qualify and ultimately get you the immediate funds you need in no time.
Exclusive to only servicemen and women: Those with bad credit scores looking to get emergency funds would not be afforded this loan type since it's exclusive to those who have served or are serving in the military.
Suitable for any purpose: This loan type suits any purpose that you have in mind, which are unlike other loans afforded to military and veterans that are catered for a particular objective, like how a VA loan is just for real estate.

How Much Can You Borrow?

The exact amount you can borrow will depend a lot on the lender. In such a case where a credit check is unnecessary, the uncertainty of repayment is high because there is no way for the lender to get a good judge of how good a borrower the loan applicant is.


Therefore, amounts in upwards of $10,000 may be beyond the limit of this loan type. Usually, lenders allow from $500 to $1,000, but lenders like Omni Financial and the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association offer amounts higher than this. As stated earlier, with Omni Financial, you can get up to $5,000 and up to $10,000 with AAFMAA.

Military Loans vs Payday Loans

The difference between a military loan and a payday loan is that the latter is often discouraged by most financial advisers, and that is because of its exorbitant rates and fees. Most payday loans require payment on the next payday, but the cost they require even if you pay on time is very high. For a $100-amount you borrow, you need to pay a $15 fee, and if you can’t pay it on time, another $15 is put on top of it. This cycle continues until you pay off the entire balance.


On the other hand, military loans will usually have longer than a month to pay back the total sum and will not charge that high a fee to borrow money.

Active-Duty Military Loans No Credit Check

You should know by now that even if you’re on active duty, you’ll still be able to apply for a personal loan with no credit check. And from your application, this must be stated explicitly. But sometimes, it can be unclear to you about your status, so one way to know if you’re still on active duty is to confer with your commanding officer or check your Leave And Earnings Statement (LES). 


Being on active duty means that you’re not a veteran and are not retired. You’re also not a spouse of a military serviceman or woman. And you’re also not a reservist.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. VA loans are not available as personal loans and are available only for real estate.

Yes, they are a safe borrowing choice for military personnel and vets. However, no credit checks mean a higher interest rate, which is a burden to plenty of borrowers.

As long as you have completed the required service period, you may be able to qualify for a loan.

It is important not to confuse payday loans with military loans even though both may have some similarities, especially when it comes to no credit checks. The first thing you need to do is find a legit lender that offers this specific loan type.

Yes, you most definitely can. A service member and his or her spouse can apply for a military loan.

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